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About me

Hello everybody and thanks for visiting my page!

My name is Fritz-born in Hamm (1961) near Dortmund !
I obtained my radio amateur license 1989 in Nuernberg/Bavaria.
License for short wave means in the past, that you have to pass an exam in CW.
Needed 7 month to get it.
I had an initial fascination in short wave started in the mid 1970s, when I decided to buy a Sommerkamp FT 277.
In fact, this was a very hot time on different illegal bands. But after I moved to Erlangen for my new work as a supervisor
in a electronic company, I came across with some Amateur Radio people from Siemens and it was high time to learn abt. Amateur Radio.
Right now I live in Ruden-Carinthia in the South of the wonderful Austria! Living between mountains and lakes.
From here, in the Center of Europe, it is very easy as a motorcyclist (T-Max) to reach a lot of neighborhood countries. I like riding on a motorbike very much and do a lot of trips every summer. Pictures will follow!
Will invite you to our wonderful country. Join Austria
My hobbies: Amateur Radio, Photographic, Guns and Motorbike

About me


Weather Station in Ruden OE8NDR

This is my personal weather station and will show you the actual weather in St. Martin Ruden.

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See pictures from motorbike tours. Better look at Facebook for the newest

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Amateur Radio - OE8NDR -

Here you will find pictures of Amateur Radio. More efficient is QRZ.com/db/OE8NDR

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